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Painted Copper

Copper Paintings by Timothy Spillane
"All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography."
Federico Fellini

Artist's Profile



Perhaps it was serendipity - or just plain inevitable - that Timothy Spillane first started using sheet copper for his paintings.  As both a craftsman and a contractor specializing in the installation of slate, tile and copper roofing, Mr. Spillane gained a hands-on appreciation for copper over the years.  It would take more than a few rainy days sitting idly in his company shop, but in time, the scraps of copper and old cans of exterior paint stored there began to suggest possiblilites beyond the roofing trade.


   In a process as frustrating at first as it is exciting now, Mr. Spillane explored what he could do with oil paint, verdigris, ink and lacquers on copper.  Gradually, he developed a style that suited his penchant for the landscapes and scenes that he had only previously painted in watercolor.  The result is an evolving journey of artistic discovery that is reflected in each of his unique paintings.


   Tim Spillane lives with his wife and their youngest daughter in the home he built for them in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania; the barn there houses the company shop and his studio.

Timothy Spillane

372 Styer Road, Glenmoore, PA 19343

(610) 458-5906  Email: